Generate and Revoke Access Tokens

About access tokens

An access token is a token-based authentication that allows an external application short-term access to the Riffyn API. You can use access tokens in situations where you want to grant another program temporary access to your account or have a time-bound window for programmatic access to Riffyn. You can generate and revoke (delete) access tokens via your Riffyn Security Settings. 



What you must know

Before you create an access token, read the list below.

  • Access tokens remain valid for 30 minutes (minimum) to 6 hours (maximum). 

  • Access tokens function the same as an API key when passing authentication parameters.

  • Access tokens are visible only once. You must save the access token in a secure place for future reference.

  • If you lose your access token, you must revoke the access token and generate a new one.

  • When you revoke an access token, you invalidate all access tokens. Any future requests using one of your access tokens will return an authentication error.



Generate an access token

To generate an access token, follow these steps.

  1. To open your Security Settings, click the profile icon noun_user_avatar_363640.png in the upper right corner.

  2. Go to the Access Token section.

  3. Click Generate.

  4. Set the expiration time. Access tokens have a lifetime of 30 minutes (minimum) to 6 hours (maximum). 


  5. Click Next to generate the access token.

  6. Click Copy to copy the access token.

  7. Paste the access token into the external application that you are connecting to Riffyn.

  8. Save the access token in a secure place for future reference.

  9. To save and return to Security Settings, click Next.



Revoke (delete) an access token

To revoke (delete) an Access Token, follow these steps.

  1. From your Security Settings (Profile icon > Security Settings), go to the Access Token section.

  2. Click Revoke All Access Tokens.

  3. A confirmation message appears: "All Access Tokens have been revoked."




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