Create a New User Account

Welcome to Riffyn Nexus! This article teaches you how to sign up for a new Nexus account.


Account benefits

With your new Nexus account, you will be able to:

  • View all public processes on your organization's instance of Riffyn Nexus.

  • Access shared content from other users.

  • Access the full Nexus knowledge base in Riffyn Help Center.



Sign up methods

There are three ways to signup for a new Riffyn Nexus account. Your organization's Nexus policy determines which signup method you can use.

  1. Open Access (OA) — If you are a member of a non-profit institution, you may request an individual Open Access (OA account). To request an OA account, complete the Request an Open Access Account Form. After we validate your non-profit status, you will receive a welcome email with activation instructions.

  2. Admin request — Most companies require their designated Riffyn Admin to create new user accounts. Contact your company's Riffyn Admin to request a new user account. If you do not know who the designated Riffyn Admin is at your company, email us at

  3. Self-register — If your organization allows anyone with an email address from your organization to register for a Nexus account, then self-register for a new Nexus account.


Request new account from Admin

To request a new user account from your Riffyn Admin:

  1. Contact your Riffyn Admin. If your Riffyn Admin grants your request, you will receive a welcome email. 
  2. From the welcome email, click Activate Account.
  3. On the account activation page, create and confirm your new password and account recovery questions


  • After you set up your new account, the browser redirects you back to your Riffyn environment.


Self-register new account

To create your new an account, follow these steps. 

  1. Go to the URL your company uses to access Riffyn.

  2. Go to your Riffyn Nexus homepage.

    Customer account type Nexus homepage URL
    Multitenant customers If your organization has an account on the multi-tenant cloud instance of Nexus, go to:
    VPC customers If your organization has a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) instance of Nexus, go to:
    Don't know your account type? If you do not know your organization's Nexus account type, contact
  3. Click Create an Account.

  4. Complete the form with the requested information. Do not use your email address for your username.

  5. Click Register.

  6. You will receive a welcome email with activation instructions to set your account password and recovery questions.
    • To finish the registration process, click Activate Account.
    • Enter your new password. And choose your recovery question.


  • After you set up your new account, the browser redirects you back to your Riffyn environment.


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