v2.5 (Version 2, Build 1028) - Released Nov 27, 2018

v2.5 (Version 2, Build 1028) - Released Nov 27, 2018

The new release of Riffyn contains the following new features and bug fixes.

Measure Mode

Data Export Speed

Over the past number of months we have been reducing the time taken to export experimental data. The 2.5 release includes an increase in speed of export brought about by a re-engineering of our data export architecture to use the Apache Parquet file format. In comparison to our 2.0 release our 2.5 export is between 2.5x and 4x faster, and is 2x faster than our 2.4 release.

This will be further improved in future releases through the generation of just-in-time generation of exported files; as data is modified in the system, exported data tables will be ready for immediate download.

Approximate Match Joining

In 2.0 and 2.1 export configurations were enhanced to allow data to be exported using multi-property joins, which aligned single and multi-valued data points on connected runs. The 2.4 version enhances this functionality using “approximate match” joins. Approximate matches will allow 2 numerical or date values that are within a certain absolute or relative distance from each other to be considered equal, and will therefore join the exported runs using these matched values. This is particularly useful in aligning batches of samples with their corresponding points in experiment time-series data.

More information

Integration with OSIsoft PI Server

OSI Soft PI Server software provides real-time data infrastructure with best-in-class abilities to collect and contextualize sensor data for insight, trends, and analytics. Riffyn now provides out-of-the-box integration with PI Server through our Data Agent. The Data Agent is a software application that runs behind a customer firewall, to establish a secure, one-way connection from local data sources like PI Server to Riffyn SDE.


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