Types of User Accounts

For accessing of Riffyn content there are two types of accounts:

  1. Riffyn Account
  2. Support Account

Each account gives access to different parts of Riffyn-related content as detailed below.

Riffyn Account

Each riffyn account is unique to the domain, Riffyn organization, and username you have created. If you has a company specific VPC (mycompany.riffyn.com) it should be where you create your account and subsequently login. Our multi-tenant environment (app.riffyn.com) also hosts user accounts and should be used if it where your organization is located.

Once you have access to a Riffyn account and are logged in you can access all parts of the application. Additional user roles exist for administrators as detailed in the People section.

Support Account

Based on your Riffyn subscription you have access to varying levels of support and consulting services via emailing support@riffyn.com and accessing this portal (https://help.riffyn.com/hc/en-us). Account creation for this portal is optional and does not limit your ability to view content. By creating an account you are able to:

  • Create, like, and respond to community posts.
  • View your support ticket history and status.
  • Comment, like, and subscribe to help articles.

Support accounts are optional but are a great way to interact and keep up to date with the Riffyn community. These accounts have a separate login and credential system.

If you are the admin of an organization and would like to access your users tickets please email support@riffyn.com.

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