v2.3 (Version 2, Build 831) - Released July 27, 2018

v2.3 (Version 2, Build 831) - Released July 27, 2018

The new release of Riffyn contains the following new features and bug fixes.

Parsely Configurations

Editing a Parsely Configuration

Prior to the 2.3 release, it was not possible to edit an existing Parsely configuration to accommodate changes Excel worksheets. A configuration can now be edited to accept changes when worksheets are:

  • Inserted - new worksheets inserted in between existing worksheets used in the configuration
  • Updated - existing worksheets are renamed or reordered
  • Deleted - existing worksheets are deleted

Parsely can also suggest what worksheet a data block should be linked to based on the names of worksheets present in the uploaded file.

Saving a Parsely Configuration Without Data Upload

It was not possible to save a configuration without uploading the data prior to the 2.3 release. It was therefore necessary to cancel editing the configuration or proceed and upload the data even if the configuration process was not complete. Now it is possible to upload a file, create or edit a configuration based on its contents, and save the configuration without causing any run data to be modified.


Measure Mode


Plate transfer functionality was introduced in the 2.0 release, but did not facilitate recalling previously executed transfers. Release 2.3 will allow the last transfer executed on a step by the current user or another to be recalled to allow similar transfers to be executed rapidly on different experiments.

There was also an assumption that plate IDs were globally unique. This restriction has been removed to allow the same plate ID to be used in different experiments, and a new interface allows the appropriate plate to be chosen when more than one plate exists with the same plate ID.

Details on recalling plates

Cross-Step Formula Summarization Functions

The 2.2 functionality allowed a formula to use a value from a connected run on a source or destination step. Our 2.3 release further enhances this cross-step functionality by introducing new functions to summarize multivalued-data. These new summarization functions can be applied to multivalued data on a single run and single- and multi-valued data on one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one connected runs. Example functions include mean, mean of run means, median, median of run medians, sum of run values, minimum/max value across runs, run count, value count, first/last run.

Details on formula summarizations

Additional Run Types

The list of run types has been expanded and now includes "Blank, "Calibration", "Reference", "Sample", "Standard", "Trial".

Details on run types


Electronic Records & Signatures, Auditing

The FDA CFR 21 part 11 regulation pertains to electronic records and electronic signatures. The regulation includes directives to allow companies to replace paper records with electronic records and handwritten signatures with electronic signatures. These electronic signatures on records must be treated as the equivalent to hand written signatures i.e. legally binding and irrefutable. 

The 2.3 release further refines our functionality to aid customers with compliance. Both our electronic signature workflows and auditing functionality have been enhanced for ease of use.

Riffyn’s current CFR 21 offerings include:



The following new features and improvements have been added to the Riffyn API:

  • Connected runs - Can now connect runs along a selected run path.
  • Ghost resources - Values can now be written to ghost resources.
  • Listing (or not) deleted experiments - Deleted experiments can be included or excluded from result.


Add-In for JMP

The Riffyn Jump Add-in automates many frequently executed data analysis tasks performed by users of Riffyn and experimental scientists. The new Measurement Normalization feature corrects a measured property for systematic errors across blocking factors such as plate-to-plate or day-to-day variation.

Details on the Measurement Normalization Tool

Download RiffynTools Add-In for JMP


A Visual Refresh
Starting with release 2.3 you will begin to notice slight tweaks in how Riffyn looks and feels starting with a font refresh throughout the application.   
The updates to Riffyn’s interface will be ongoing and we are excited to keep you up to date on these new improvements as they roll out! If you are interested in participating in feedback sessions regarding the updated designs, please contact support@riffyn.com, we appreciate your input. 


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