v2.1 (Version 2, Build 673) - Released May 02, 2018

v2.1 (Version 2, Build 673) - Released May 02, 2018

The new release contains the following new features and bug fixes.

New Authentication (Identity Management)

As part of the 2.1 release of Riffyn, identity management will be provided by a trusted third-party provider, Okta, who serves over 4000 organizations.


First access after 2.1 deployment for existing users

The first time you attempt to log in to your Riffyn environment after deployment of version 2.1 you will be temporarily redirected to a user account page (you will also receive an email in advance with a link to activate the account). From here you will be asked to follow a number of steps to set up your account:

  1. Create a new password
  2. Choose a recovery question

After successfully entering your account information you will be redirected back to your Riffyn environment.



Why use a third party to manage user accounts and access to Riffyn?

It helps Riffyn to conform to security policies by having user access rights and account information stored outside of the Riffyn application. It will also allow our customers to use the same credentials to log into different Riffyn environments e.g. app.riffyn.com and mycompany.riffyn.com


Electronic Records & Signatures

The FDA 21 CFR part 11 regulation pertains to electronic records and electronic signatures. The regulation includes directives to allow companies to replace paper records with electronic records and handwritten signatures with electronic signatures. These electronic signatures on records must be treated as the equivalent to hand written signatures i.e. legally binding and irrefutable. 

To aid customers with 21 CFR compliance, Riffyn processes and experiments will be continuously audited (2.2 release) and can be locked/unlocked based on a required number of signatures.

Riffyn’s current 21 CFR offerings include:


Data Export

Export configurations can use multi-property joins to align single and multi-valued data points on connected runs when data is exported. This means that data can be exported by taking into consideration both the run connections and the values of properties on the steps. The joining algorithm has been updated to an outer join to preserve non-matching values on export.

A checkbox has been added to the export configuration modal to request a full refresh of the data (not selected by default). This will cause Riffyn to rebuild all exported data tables. Another option is available to allow the exclusion of empty columns from the exported file. This will drop a column from the export if all values are empty.



Support for the Excel "ISBLANK(value)" function has been implemented. This function checks the specified value and returns TRUE or FALSE depending on the outcome. For example, the ISBLANK function returns the logical value TRUE if the value argument is a reference to an empty cell, otherwise it returns FALSE. This will permit enhanced conditional logic to be built into formulas.

A numerical input with no value is treated as no value. A character input with no value is treated as an empty string, so it can be catenated with other strings.


Sequence Generation

A new operator '!' has been introduced in our sequence generator. This operator will cause the order in which operands are iterated to be reversed.

Without the reverse operator '[A-C][1-3]' will yield: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3. Introducing the reverse operator '[A-C]![1-3]' will yield: A1, B1, C1, A2, B2, C2, A3, B3, C3. 

Please note that our first release of the sequence generator did not include the reverse operator but produced the reversed sequence.


The following improvements and new features have been added to the Riffyn API:

AddBatchRunData -  New endpoint and enhanced functionality in Runs. Refactored addRunData to take a batch of objects that each fit the description of addRunData. This allows for bulk updating of data on the run. You can combine different runs, single or multi-valued data and eventGroupIds to add or update data on different properties of different resources in one request ( but each in its own objects).
ExperimentSummary, Tags, Comments - 3 new endpoints in Experiments. You can now view the summary and purpose for the experiment as well as all experiment tags, and comments. Add, update, and delete functions will be delivered in 2.2.
listRuns - Updated endpoint to use the query parameters 'modified_before' and 'modified_after' on the listRuns endpoint.
Security issue fixed - Usernames/emails are no longer exposed on public processes and entities via API calls in the accessibleto field.
Login - Now case insensitive username.

Performance Upgrades

Changes have been made to Riffyn's architecture to enable long-term future performance improvements by through the use of horizontal scaling. Export wait time has decreased by up to 40% in certain circumstances.


Selected Enhancements and Fixes

  • Measure
    • Purpose field added to the experiment list modal.
    • Attachments panel is expanded by default in the experiment summary modal.
    • Easier download of procedure list attachments.
    • Runs highlighted by clicking anywhere on the run.
    • Removed automatic wrapping to first run after last run resource is edited.
  • Formulas
    • Allow editing of a formula when an input property has been deleted from the formula.
    • Allow formulas to be created on fixed properties where resource is born.
    • Allow formulas to be viewed in previous process versions.
  • Data Export
    • Changing experiment name/summary etc. marks data as stale.
  • Parsely
    • Fixed an error when a non-RifID is mapped to the RifID field.
    • Fixed an error when trying to upload using existing runs on current step that doesn't match run identifier.

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