Switching a resource type from run to run

Sometimes you might want to assign a resource of a different type to a particular "slot" on a step. For example you might have a pre-defined resource type named "carbon source" on your step as an input.  But from run to run you might vary this carbon source between glucose and sucrose.  Or you might have a resource type called "antibiotic" and vary the antibiotic used from day to day.

To accommodate this, Riffyn allows you to dynamically change the resource type on each run or a set of runs.  To do this, open the resource assignment panel and click the button labeled "change resource type" below:

This will allow you to lookup and select a new resource type, e.g., "Capture Antibody" below.

Then you can use the browse mode (the filter button in green to find a matching resource — if it's among the top 200 hits). Otherwise you can search for it by clicking the magnifying glass icon.

If the resource does not exist yet, then you can create it.  This newly created resource will assume the type of the resource that you switched to (e.g., a new resource of the type "Capture Antibody" resource type will be created in inventory for use here or elsewhere).

Once caveat to all of this: when a resource is assigned with a mis-matched type, the UI does not tell you what is its true type (As of April 2018).  It only shows you the intended type of the input.  This is a issue that will be resolved in the coming months.

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