Accessing and Viewing an Audit Trail

Riffyn's audit trail is a list of actions taken on a process/experiment by any user who has access. The audit trail lists the changes made to each type of entity in Riffyn, and the associated JSON objects list the state of that entity at the time of the change. More about JSON formatting here, full list of types tracked by the audit log.

The audit trail can be accessed by clicking the "Design" or "Measure" drop down at the upper left corner of the page:


In the audit trail modal, detailed information about each line item can be viewed by clicking the dropdown next the line item. Options exists for filtering by experiment, start daet, end date, user name, actions, type, and group/step:


The 'type' drop down is a list of all document types that are being audited. Example schema for some document types can be viewed in the API documentation at, but for full details on the JSON schema used for each document type contact


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