Electronic Signature Workflow

Both Riffyn processes and experiments can require an electronic signature as required by your organization. The electronic signature process can be separated into:

  1. Listing required signatures and locking
  2. Gathering required signatures
  3. Approving signatures


Listing Required Signers and Locking


A process admin can open the "Process Summary" modal and use the "Electronic Signatures" section to the list the number of required signers and the email/username of each signer. Any signers not shared on the process/experiment will be added as a viewer when they are listed as a signer.

Once the process/experiment is considered complete it can be locked using "Locked/Unlocked" toggle at the bottom left corner of the modal. Once locked, each signer will be sent an email inviting them to review the document.

Gathering Required Signatures


After required signers have been added and the process/experiment is locked, signers will see the above options in the "electronic Signatures" modal under "Sign Process".

Each signer must list their username and the meaning of their signature, and then click "Generate Password". A unique password will be sent to that user's email where than can copy it into Riffyn to complete the signing process. This process is repeated until the required number of signatures is met.

Approving Signatures


After the number of required signatures have been met, the process/experiment admin will receive an email indicating the process/experiment is ready to be approved.

Once the admin clicks the approve button, an additional confirmation modal will appear as shown above. After clicking "approve signatures" the current process version will be marked as approved and the version will be locked. In the case of an experiment, no version locking will happen, but the experiment will be locked and thus be in a view-only state.

Note: If an admin chooses to unlock a process/experiment, all completed signatures will be removed.

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