JMP, Python and more

Riffyn provides off-the-shelf AddIns and connectors to various popular analytics software applications. The connectors utilize the same API that is made available to customers. Thus it is also possible to write your own connectors and AddIns using the Riffyn API and/or SDK. See (or for more information.

Currently we provide connectors or AddIns for:

  • JMP (multifunctional AddIn)
  • Python
  • Excel
  • Tableau
  • Knime (coming soon)

The SDK for the API provides libraries for 12 languages, but you need not use the SDK to connect to the API.  You can just as easily connect via any RESTFUL web interface. That, for example, is how we connected to Riffyn with R and JMP.

We recommend Postman as a great tool for testing and learning the API.

And if you have a language that you don't see list, contact us. We might have prototype scripts (e.g., for R) or connectors already in our repo. We generally are happy to share these with you (even if we're too sheepish to post them here in their rough prototype state).

BTW, our AddIns and connectors are open source. So picking at them may be a good way to learn our API.

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