Known issues & bugs

These bugs bug us as much as you! We're working on them and lots of new features for you.

Keyboard and selection bugs in the run table. You’ve probably noticed some glitches. We’ve already fixed them. The patches are awaiting QA and will be released in April.

Formula bugs:

  • Null values in formula inputs cause the formula to fail. (The generally should be treated as zeros or null strings.) 
  • Zeros in Plan mode are treated as nulls in formulas.
  • If statements evaluate both the true and false expressions, causing formula errors in some cases.

These issues have already been fixed and the patch will be released in April.

Plan mode fill-down functionality is broken. The fix to this will be to integrate Plan mode with Actuals mode. We’re aiming to do that this spring.

Adding units in Measure Mode Modify tab. You can’t add new units to a property when editing properties in Measure Mode

You can't create a new resource when adding component to a resource. Yes, we know it’s annoying! It’s on our to do list.  Work-around for now: click Add Resources, then create the new resource, then delete the resource from the step, and re-add it as a component. 

Can't find a resource in the Resource Assignment Manager (top panel) search box. The RAM currently doesn’t find resources with a partial text match. Instead, the search performs whole-word matching in the search. Not what you would intuitively want. We’re upgrading our search technology to fix this.

Also note that resource search in the Resource Inventory Library is case-sensitive.  Also not what you want most of the time. Will fix that too.

Mis-alignment of the top panel data editor with the bottom panel run table. The top panel multi-valued data table doesn’t line up and scroll with the bottom panel run table. It's not blocking, but it's a bit awkward. 

The start and stop times are not available as input variables for my formula. A few fields are missing from input formulas including start time, stop time, run ID, resource ID, and run type.  They’ll be added soon.

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