What data do I need to start building my process/experiment design?

When creating the first version of your process, we recommend that you gather all the procedural documents (SOPs or protocols), materials lists, and data pertaining to a single past experiment. This will serve as raw material to help you:

  • think through all the steps and variables you need on your process,
  • set-up the file parsing configurations in an experiment
  • test if the process design works with your instrument files before you use it for the next experiment.

We encourage you to use the raw files exported by instruments (in CSV, XL or Tab formats), not the spreadsheets that you have created after manipulating the raw files. If your instrument offers multiple output format options, it’s preferred to export data in a table structure if you can — i.e., each column is a measured variable or identifier, and each row is an observation of that variable. Though is not strictly necessary, it often makes parsing easier. It’s also valuable if your instrument can include the sample names or IDs in the exported files to identify the samples your data describes. If the data does not have explicit sample identifiers, you may need to manually add those to your exported data file before importing to Riffyn.

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