Should I include quantities in my procedure tasks in the sidebar?

Do not include quantities if the quantities are specified in the run/resource properties in the run table.  Only include quantities if the ingredient information is solely recorded as unstructured information in the procedure.

This may seem counter-intuitive because SOPs traditionally include the quantities inline with instructions. But the quantities may vary from run to run or experiment to experiment. Moreover, if you add the values to the procedure, they may be in conflict with the values in the run table. This can cause a lot of problems and confusion in experiment execution.

Instead, we recommend to leave the quantity information to the run table.  For example, in task 29 the centrifuge settings are in the run table, so are not repeated in the task.


But in task 28, the required amounts are not a variable property and are not in the run table, so they are captured in the task as unstructured data.


It’s quite possible that you move such quantity data from its original location in the procedure to structured data in the run table as you realize the variable is a critical quality attribute. That’s OK, you can make that change later. It won’t mess anything up.

Put your required ingredients in ALL CAPS in the Procedure tasks.

As you can see above, we recommend that you refer to the inputs resources in your Procedure tasks in ALL CAPS for easy operator recognition of the required ingredients for each task.


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