How do I record units that are changing from run to run on a particular property?

If the units on a property change from one experiment to the next one, you can modify the process design in each experiment by choosing a new unit on that property.  But such a change applies to all runs on that step for the current experiment. The Riffyn SDE does not currently allow you to choose a different unit for each run.

We would recommend that you use a single unit across all runs. This results in a cleaner data and easier downstream data analysis. But if your design requires varying units from run to run, then we recommend the following work-around:

  1. Use a dimensionless unit for the property of interest (e.g. select a dash unit, “-”);
  2. Add an additional character property called “unit” right next to your dimensionless property;
  3. Save the unit for the data captured in the unitless property column of your runs in Measure Mode.

Note that if you need to add a unit this way for multiple properties on the same resource, you will also need to add numbered unit properties (like “unit 1”, “unit 2”, etc.) because Riffyn does not allow you to add the same unit twice to a single resource.

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