Does Riffyn have global properties or variables on experiments?

Sometimes it might be helpful to store structured attributes of an experiment, like the experiment start date, or the number of batches required, or the lead investigator. Riffyn does not yet provide such configurable fields on the experiment or process. I'm sure we will add this feature in the coming months, but until then there is a very usable alternative approach which is illustrated below.

Here you create a study details step where you add any structured data you which to capture. You can use or create data resource types (like "Study Design") and add properties to that resource.  The output of a study details step could be something physical like a compound lot that the investigator selects for the study, or something conceptual like a study request. 



Note, if you want to use the properties of the study design anywhere on the experiment (or anywhere in Riffyn) we recommend that you use fixed properties.  Fixed properties are a bit like global variables that go everywhere the resource goes.

It is useful to link the output of the study details step to one of the downstream steps in the experiment, and connect that initial run (e.g., run 1 above) to all the downstream runs as shown below. (The blue shading on the step 2 runs means they are connected to the yellow-shaded run selected on step 1.)  This will ensure the study details are appended to each row of your data analysis table later on.


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