How should I get started designing my first process/experiment?

When creating the first version of a new experimental process in Design Mode, we encourage you to first make only the “skeleton” of the process. Specifically, start with a process containing only

Once you’ve done that, create your first experiment. You will be able to add additional resource inputs and outputs and properties in Measure Mode after you’ve created the experiment.

Why do this? In Measure Mode you cannot (yet) delete resources and properties that you added in Design Mode. This (temporary) limitation is rather constraining as you try to adjust your new process within Measure Mode.

Fortunately, you can delete the resources and properties that you added to the process in Measure Mode. Thus by starting with a skeleton process in Measure Mode you have more design flexibility for resources and properties — which you generally need when making your first process version.


Note, this best practice is a temporary recommendation, and it’s not a perfect one either. We are intensively working on an upgrade that will allow you to modify any aspect of a process even after an experiment has been created and started. This added flexibility will greatly simplify process design by making it easier to iterate.

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