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Account Lockout

If you were sent here due to an account lockout message or because your password needs to be reset by an administrator, please email If it is urgent (i.e, your critical work is blocked and time sensitive), include URGENT in the subject line to page an on-call support staff member. (Please use this only for an emergency or truly urgent needs. It will cause a firedrill.)


Lost or Stolen 2-Factor Authentication Device

If you no longer have access to your 2-factor authentication device e.g. your phone was lost or stolen, please email to reset your Riffyn account. Note that it may take 12-24 hours for this request to be processed. If it is urgent (i.e, your critical work is blocked and time sensitive), include URGENT in the subject line to page an on-call support staff member. (Please use this only for an emergency or truly urgent needs. It will cause a firedrill.)



Note, Riffyn's identity management is provided by a third-party provider, Okta. If you login with multi-factor authentication, your Google authenticator factor will appear as "Okta" not Riffyn.

Also you will see Okta's name pop-up occasionally in the authentication or account change/verification workflows.  Don't be surprised by this, it's normal.  Use of Okta helps Riffyn to conform to regulatory and compliance policies around password policy, account management, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. It also allows our customers to use the same credentials to log into different Riffyn SDE instances e.g. and



Creating an account

There are three different ways to get an account on Riffyn SDE:

  1. Your company's administrator creates your account for you,
  2. Your company allows you to self register with a company email address,
  3. You request an Open Access account directly from Riffyn.

Most companies use method 1. That means you will need to contact your company's administrator of Riffyn to request an account. If you don't know who that is, contact and we'll let you know.

Each of these are described below in more details


Method 1: your company's administrator creates your account

To start the process, contact the administrator to request your account. If your request is granted, you will receive a welcome email to finalize the account setup process. The email will contain an activation link that will allow you to set your password and recovery questions in the event you forget your password. The email also contains links to the help documentation and tutorials. It looks like this:



After successfully entering your account information you will be redirected to your account on Riffyn SDE.


Method 2: Self-registration

Your company may activate "self-registration." That means anyone with an email from your company will be allowed to create an account without first getting permission from an administrator.

To self-register for an account, navigate to your company's instance of Riffyn SDE. This will be either (if your company has an account on the multi-tenant cloud instance of Riffyn), or (if your company has a Virtual Private Cloud instance). If you don't know which is the case, or what is your company address, then contact and we'll tell you!

Once you reach the site, you will see the log-in screen:


Click on "Need help signing in?" (in red circle above), and you will see the following options:


Select "Create an account" (in red circle above), which will direct you to the following page:


Provide the requested information (note: Username may NOT be your email - though it may be the portion of your email prior to the @ portion). You will receive an email from Riffyn detailing the remaining portion of the process, wherein you will be provided a link to complete. The screen below is what you will see after clicking the link:


From here you will be asked to follow a number of steps to set up your account:

  1. Create a new password
  2. Choose a recovery question

After successfully entering your account information you will be redirected back to your Riffyn environment.


Method 3: Open Access

If you are a member of a non-profit institution, you may request an individual open access account. You can request this on the Riffyn website here

After you request access, someone from Riffyn will validate your membership at a non-profit institution and grant you an account. From there you will receive a Welcome / Activation email and you will follow the instructions in Method 1 above.

Granting of OA accounts is typically within 1 business day, though sometimes can be delayed.


Accounts on multiple Riffyn SDE systems

You may have multiple Riffyn SDE accounts on different systems. For example, one on and one on  If those accounts use the same email address, then you use the same credentials to log into all of them. (Your credentials are centralized into one for all cloud systems under each email address.)

You can login to different Riffyn environments using a single account, but you still have to sign up for each Riffyn environment separately on each cloud system. But you won't have to choose a new password each time. You just have to verify your email by following the link that is emailed to you after signing-up.

When using multiple cloud systems, you have to start your login process from the login page of the system that you want to access.  Be sure to check the URL to make sure you are in the right place!



Signing in to Riffyn

If you already have an account, you can sign on in the expected way. Note that Riffyn SDE, by default, will sign you out after 6 hours of inactivity (for security reasons).

  1. Go to your environment home page e.g. will shown the new Okta login page.
  2. Enter your login credentials, if successful you will be redirected to your Riffyn environment.




If your organization has multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled, you will next be requested to enter the digits from your linked Google Authenticator.

Google Authenticator must be linked to your account via the MFA set-up process described here. MFA must be activated for your organization. You cannot activate it individually. If it is activated for your organization, you cannot turn it off.  You can only set/reset the link to Google Authenticator.

Your account will lock after 10 unsuccessful login attempts. Please contact to unlock your account.



Changing your password

If you want to change your password, click the "Need help signing in?" link at the bottom of the sign-in window and follow the instructions below for "Forgot your password". The procedure for changing a password is identical to the password recovery process when you forget it. See below for more help.

This will send you a password reset link by email, which you can use to enter a new password.



Changing your email address

To change your email address, open your profile: 

and edit your email:

Note that you can only change your email to a new address in the same email domain. If you need to change to an address that is outside of your company domain, you will need to contact your Riffyn SDE administrator who can make that change.

If your change is successful, you will receive an email like this:



Forgot your password

If you have forgotten your password you can request that a password reset email be sent to you by clicking the "Forgot Password" option after clicking the "Need help signing in?" link.


After that you will be asked for your email address (the one associated with your Riffyn SDE Account). This will send you an email. The email will contain a password reset link that will allow you to set your password in Okta.





The "Forgot Password" option will always return a success screen when an email address is entered. No action is taken (no reset password email is sent) if the email entered is not associated with a Riffyn user account. This is to prevent attackers from phishing Riffyn user emails.

The email you receive will look like this.


Click on the "Reset Password" button in the email. The password reset page will require you to answer your security question before proceeding to reset password.



After successfully entering your account information you will be redirected back to your Riffyn environment.



Reset an expired token

‘Your authentication token has expired’

If you receive this error, it means that too much time has passed since your account was created or a password reset link was sent to you. To address this, you need to return to the sign-in screen and reset your password again. Go to back to or and then follow the instructions above for Forgot your password



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