Calculated Resource Names and Run Names

Generated output resources (that is, output resources that originate on a step as an output, as opposed to those passed through from the inputs) or those created via the sample of/make new feature can be automatically named using a formula. Likewise, run names can also be automatically generated using a formula.

Why would I want to calculate a resource name or run name?

The most common use case for this is concatenation of input resource names and input or output property values. For example, if I am generating several cell culture output resources at various temperatures, I might want my cell culture outputs (or runs, or both) to be named something like "[strain ID] [temperature] culture", or for example, "YNZ 285 30ºC culture" which is a concatenation of 2 properties ("strain ID" and "temperature"), plus a string "culture". (Note that as of this writing units must also be added as strings in concatenation formulas; we do not yet offer units as formula variables.) 

How do I add a formula for resource or run name?

Resource and run name formulas can either be added to the process in Design mode or to an individual experiment in Measure Mode. To access the formula editor in Design Mode, click the calculator button to the right of the output resource type:

Or to the right of the Step name (to access the run name formula editor):


To access the formula editor in Measure Mode, right click on the output resource header (or the run name header), then click on "Formula editor" under the Actions menu. 


Either of these actions will bring up the "Create/Edit Formula" modal. From here you can choose which variables you would like to use in your formula (a full list of functions and restricted variables can be found here). For the example above, we would choose two input properties "strain ID" (a property of the Glycerol Stock input) and "temperature" (a property of the Incubator Shaker input).

Once the variables are chosen, the formula can then be specified:

What functions and variables are available to me?

Note, that in this example we are using the concatenate function, however, any combination of functions or operators can be used (similar to Excel).

How do I trigger the calculation?

Once the formula is defined, the calculation of resource or run names can be manually triggered in Measure Mode by clicking the red calculator button either in the upper left of the bottom panel header:

Or in the upper right corner of your screen:

Once the calculator button is clicked, it will turn black, and the calculated resource or run names will appear in the UI. (Note that if the calculator button is not clicked, the calculated names will not appear; calculated names can only be triggered manually). NOTE: If new data or runs are added (or data are changed), the calculator button will turn red again, indicating that the button needs to be clicked again to manually trigger an update. If any changes to resource or run names have been made manually, the calculation update will override these changes.


How do I push formulas from an experiment to the process design?

If resource or run name formulas are added to an experiment in Measure mode, they can be pushed to the process design by navigating to the "Modify" tab and clicking the "push to working version" icon either to the right of the output resource:

Or the right of the step name (for run name formulas):


Note: Resource and run names can also be generated via sequence fill.






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