How to Interpret Run Connections

It is sometimes necessary to understand how runs are connected across steps. This will be explained using a demo experiment, Experiment E6 in the Public Process HPLC of Cell Culture Supernatant.

The experiment has one run on step "Prep Mobile Phases" and three runs on step "Inject Samples" but the run connections are unknown to to user.

There are 2 ways to determine run connections, one implicit and one explicit. 

Implicit run connections: Sometimes the Run Description implies the run connections.


If runs were created through propagation AND the default Riffyn generated run description was not altered by the process designer, the run description might imply the run connection. This is the case for Runs R1 and R2 on step "Inject Samples".

  1. The run description for R1, R2, R3 on step "Inject Samples" has a run description of "Prep Mobile Phases R-1", which implies that it is connected to Run R1 on step "Prep Mobile Phases" via step "Column Equilibration".
    1. R4, R5 have a similar convention that denotes they originated from R4, R5 on the "inject Samples" step.
  2. The run description for R6 on step "Inject Samples" is a custom run name. Custom run names may or may not be helpful in deciphering run connections, but in this case it is named "Testing New Method" implying that it is not connected to any downstream or upstream steps.

Explicit run connections: Use the Bottom Panel Flow Mode to explicitly determine run connections

Even if the Run Descriptions imply run connections, it is always best to check explicitly using the following steps:

  1. Enter the flow interface between "Prep Mobile Phases" and "Inject Samples? by clicking on the anchor. Notice that the default Run Path ("Prep Mobile Phases" -> "Column Equilibration" -> "Inject Samples") gets highlighted in blue on the design canvas.
  2. To determine which runs on step "Inject Samples" are connected to Run R1 in step "Prep Mobile Phases" via the chosen run path ("Prep Mobile Phases" -> "Column Equilibration" -> "Inject Samples"), select a run on the "Prep Mobile Phases" step to see which runs on the "Inject Samples step are connected. Blue highlighting indicates runs are connected via the current run path and grey lines indicate runs are connected via an alternate path (Such as "Prep Mobile Phases" -> "Inject Samples"). 
  3. To change the run path, chose the "blank" selection from the dropdown menu next to "Create Connected Runs from "Prep Mobile Phases" to"Inject Samples" via..." on the bottom task bar.
  4. Notice how this changes the run path to "Prep Mobile Phases" -> "Inject Samples", bypassing step "Column Equilibration" (as such, step "Column Equilibration" becomes gray in the Process Flow Diagram).
  5. Notice how this changes the highlighting of the runs on step "Inject Samples"."Inject Samples"/R1 gets highlighted in gray, indicating it is connected to "Prep Mobile Phases"/R1 via an alternative run path, different than the one currently selected. "Inject Samples"/R2 gets highlighted in blue, indicating it is connected to "Prep Mobile Phases"/R1 via the selected run path.

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