Roadmap of Future Wonders (and some limitations)

If you are a pessimist - you'd call this a list of issues and limitations. If you are an optimist, like we are, you'd call this a roadmap of wonderful things to come!

So here is that list of a few of the things we are working to improve.


  • Search functionality is limited. You currently cannot search/filter on all the fields listed for objects in the library.  And you cannot search or filter for the state of resources and runs (like what are the un-stopped runs).
  • Default sharing. By default, resources types, property types, units, and resources are shared with your organization. You might like to narrow this default just to a selected team.  That's not yet possible.
  • Organizing resource types in the ontology. The ability to browse and reorganize the resource ontology is not yet available.


  • Flow layout issues. The automated flow layout is not perfect (it tangles sometimes) and you can’t reorder step position vertically or number the steps.
  • No undo/redo.  Wouldn’t that be nice.  We know it.
  • No copy/paste of resources/properties and specs.  


  • File upload size limits. Currently, our file upload size is limited to 10MB for data, and 100MB for each attachment (video, PDFs, etc). We know our users have lots of data, so resolving this is a high priority!
  • Unit conversion on data upload. BE CAREFUL ABOUT UNITS!  Riffyn accepts the data in your file-as is - even if the units of that data in your file do not match the units of the associated property in Riffyn.  
  • Batch uploads. It would be awesome if you could upload multiple files and have them all parsed all at once. But alas, we don't have that yet. It requires a ton of extra error handling and reporting in case some of the files are goofy.  Definitely on the wishlist though.
  • Repeating data blocks. If you are using a plate reader or similar instrument that exports data into repeating blocks of data (e.g., if you have 1536 samples saved into an Excel file as 16 96-well data matrices), Riffyn is not yet be able to upload that data in one shot. We're adding this capability. But in the meantime, click here for a workaround.  Or export your data into a tabular format if your instrument allows. 


  • Unit Conversion - Units are not automatically converted between the properties used in formulas - so users must do that manually for now by adding a conversion factor in the formula.


  • Cannot export a subset of data. You cannot choose a subset of data to export yet.  This is high on our priority list.
  • Data can only be plotted on one step at time. Data cannot be plotted together across multiple steps (even though you can get this "joined" data via export).  For now, you have to export the data then analyze or plot in a third-party app like JMP, R, Tableau or Spotfire.
  • Exporting data on linked processes. If you export data on a process that has been linked inside of other processes (e.g., an analytical assay method linked inside a fermentation process), the export does not yet include data from experiments created on that other process.  It only exports data from experiments created directly on the linked process.


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