Measure is where experiments are executed and associated data is captured with samples tracked across procedurals steps.


Plan and Execute

The structure of the process is defined in the design phase. In Measure mode the process design cannot be edited. In Measure mode, specific materials/instruments are chosen in to match the resources types defined in the design structure. For instance, in design mode a process step might include an input of type 'Glycerol Stock', whereas in Measure, the actual glycerol stock to be used is chosen. 



Important Details to Capture during Plan and Execute

Run Planning for Each Process Step
Runs for an experiment can be created individually or in batch by selecting an individual step.

After runs are created, specification properties for inputs can be overridden.

Assign Input Resources

Resources (instances of resource types) can be assigned to a single run or batch of runs for a step.


Upload Data

After planning an experiment run and assigning resource instances to inputs and outputs the experiment can be executed. Experiments are perofmed in the Lab (possibly using the Procedure instructions on the experiment in Riffyn SDE) and the resulting data can be ingested into Riffyn when via manual data entry, file parsing, database query or API write. Data that is ingested can always be retrieved in raw original or parsed form.  

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