Keyboard Shortcuts

Process Canvas


- When a step or group is selected, use the tab key to move the focus to the next step or group


- When a step is selected, this will add a new step downstream of the current step.


- Opens the context menu (same as a right-click), for a specific item (ie Ctrl+Click a resource dot to reveal the menu options for that resource)

- If the object doesn't have a context menu (such as the library menu items), it will open the browser context menu.  This is handy for opening a link in a new tab.  For example:

Click the OPEN menu in the Library, and then Ctrl-click on the Process menu item.

You will see the browser context menu.  Select "Open Link in New Tab".



- On an input or output adds a new step either upstream or downstream of the step.


- On inputs or outputs allows you to select multiple inputs (or outputs); right click in design pane will then give options to Add One Step or Add Many Steps

Ctrl+d (PC) or cmd+d (Mac)

- Fill Down across the selected rows


- In some text entry boxes a newline is entered this way.  (This is gradually being deprecated and replaced with just plain old ENTER.)

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