Processes are accessible through the Process Library, a personal dashboard within the Riffyn application. The library is accessible by clicking the Riffyn logo in the top right corner of the app. Processes can be sorted alphabetically or by version number, date modified, process author, role, or by whether a process is public or private. 

The process library holds processes created by the logged in user and shared with the user by collaborators. Processes can be share, allowing users to control the access level of their collaborators.


Where to access process sharing

Share a process by going to the main menu in Design Mode and selecting 'Share'

Invite Teammates
Add the email address or username of teammates registered for Riffyn to invite them to a process. Different user roles available are: Viewer, Operator, Designer, or Administrator. Read more about how roles work here.

Through the 'Share' option shows who currently has access to the process and what the sharing settings are for the process.

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