v1.b360 (Version 1, Build 360) - Released August 7, 2017

v1.b360 (Version 1, Build 360) - Released August 7, 2017

Riffyn has just been upgraded in three big ways!


1) You can now upload data to many steps from a single file by applying Collections of Parsely Configurations:

2) You can now customize the order that properties appear in Design and Measure modes by re-ordering resource types, components and properties in Design mode. E.g., when you click an input resource type you can now drag it into a new position among the other input resource types on that step.

3) You can now use one or more single-valued properties as run identifiers when writing data from a file or database query. For example, you can use this new feature to upload plate-formatted data by using the “row” and “column” fields of a matrix data block as run identifiers when configuring your Run Rules.


The new release contains these additional features and bug fixes.


New Features 


  • Browser tab names now mirror page content. Also, the fav icon is either Library green, Design blue or Measure blue depending on what kind of page is being viewed.
  • For multi-line text boxes the ENTER key will now always be interpreted as a line break.
  • New and current users are now asked to read and accept a disclaimer regarding the content they might upload to or download from Riffyn.

Design & Measure:

  • Exported data files can now be deleted. First open the “Data Export Library” modal by selecting “View All” from the “Data” menu in the upper right hand corner of either Design or Measure mode. Then click on the trash can icon that appears when you roll over the file you want to delete.


  • You can now re-order the tasks of your process no matter what you have selected in the Design Canvas. Previously you could not re-order tasks if a group was selected.


  • You can now use the ESC key to close the multi-value editor and resource viewer panels that take over the Design Canvas.


  • New filters in the sidebar allow you to view only the Processes and Experiments that have been shared with you via your membership on various teams.
  • Resources are now shared with your Org as Designer so that other members of your Org can edit their fixed property values. Previously resources had been shared with Org as Viewer.



Issues Fixed

Design & Measure:

  • When you are editing a task you can now highlight its text without activating the task re-ordering feature.
  • On the procedural task panel, several changes to the keys and interactions were made, including:
    • Edit is now enabled with Double click. Single click will no longer enable editing.
    • Current task indicator interaction area has been increased.
    • Edits are automatically saved if user changes which step is viewed.
  • Some issues related to media upload via drag and drop have been fixed.
  • The "Fixed Properties" tag is no longer missing from fixed system properties displayed in autocomplete lists.
  • Experiments in trash no longer show on the “Experiments” menu or the “View All Experiments” modal.


  • Clicking the process name once again opens the Rename Process modal.
  • The “reorder tasks across steps” modal has been updated to improve clarity.
  • Using the cross-step task list to re-order tasks on the same step will no longer create exception loops.
  • The Version menu in the upper right corner is now just an indicator. To view other versions of your process or to create a new version you can instead use the Versions panel in the sidebar.


  • Performance of experiments with thousands of runs has been improved by disabling the logic that had allowed resources to “pick up” fixed property values written to runs prior to assignment.
  • Once again you can push task changes to the working version of your process.
  • Viewers are now able to view multi-valued data in the top panel.
  • There is now a limit to the number of rows shown in the multi-value data editor. A message is shown whenever this limit has been reached.
  • Character properties can now be created when adding properties to experiments.
  • When the resource assignment panel is operated in filter mode, once again the list of resources that is automatically loaded into memory can be filtered by string matching.


  • An alert is now provided if users attempt to write data to fixed properties of pass-through resource types. This action is not prohibited, but it is discouraged.
  • Run identifiers can now be deleted from Run Rules.
  • Run Rules for stored configurations are once again displaying properly.
  • Data blocks can once again be deleted.
  • After data upload the bottom panel should more consistently display the updated values.


  • Export algorithm has been updated to improve interpretability and accuracy of exported data for processes exhibiting split-merge step graph topologies.


  • The share button on the share modal is now disabled until a first collaborator has been specified.
  • Admins can once again delete their resource types.
  • Admins on a team are now allowed to change their role on that team.
  • Data displayed as Resource Use Details was updated to make more room for process, experiment and step names.
  • Highest sharing access right should always prevail when an entity is shared via more than one team
  • Tooltips for processes and experiments will now display new lines contained in the corresponding descriptions.
  • Resouce Inventory can now be searched for resources with special characters in their names.

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