Parsely Collections: Write Data to Multiple Steps from a Single File

Data can be uploaded to multiple steps from a single file by applying Collections of Parsely Configurations:


Follow these steps to create a Collection:

1) Open Parsely and select the file with the data to upload.

2) Navigate to the "Configurations" panel and then select "All Configurations" from the "Viewing configurations on" menu:


3) Press the CONTROL key while clicking each configuration in the order in which the configurations should be executed as elements of a Collection, then select "New Collection" from the "Add to Collection" menu:


At this point Parsely will prompt to name the collection before returning to the Configurations panel.

To Apply/Execute a Collection, navigate to the Collections menu, select the Collection to apply, then click the "Apply" button. Individual configurations in a collection can be de-selected by pressing the CONTROL key (or the COMMAND key on a Mac) while clicking on the Configurations to be omitted. 

Note that Riffyn will prevent writing data all process steps while it is applying a collection containing two or more configurations. Riffyn will display a queue of its progress of executing each configuration in the collection:


If a process already has a Collection of Configurations defined, it can be located in the Collections panel by selecting "Upload Data to Multiple Steps" from the Measure menu:

or by selecting "Upload to Multiple Steps" from the Data menu:


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