Creating a Simple Run

To make a new experimental run on the "Measure Absorbance" process follow these steps:

  1. Duplicate the"Measure Absorbance" public process 
  2. Add runs
  3. Assign resources and add property values
  4. Export data

1. Duplicate the"Measure Absorbance" public process

Duplicate the"Measure Absorbance" public process. This will create a personal copy of the process which will also allow administrative access.

2. Add Runs

A single run can be added using the "Create New Run" section in the bottom panel. The run name and run type (list of run types) can be specified.


New runs are displayed as individual rows in the bottom panel with blank spaces for Resources and Property Values, which have yet to be entered. A run label is automatically created.

3. Assign resources and add property values

Resources are specific instances of a Resource Type. Resources are assigned to a run by selecting options in the Resource Type column.


Property Values can be assigned by selecting options in the Property column. Resources and Property Values can be assigned in any order, but it is logical to assign Resources first as property values are set for resources.

4. Export data

Data can be exported from an experiment by selecting the "Data" drop down, naming the data export file, and waiting for the download icon to turn green. The download icon in the upper right corner will indicate when the data table is ready for download.


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