Editing Procedural Tasks

The content of a Procedural Task can be edited by selecting the Procedural Task and editing the text/attachments(s).

The order of a Procedural Task can be edited by clicking and dragging the task to a new position inside the step.

The order of a Procedural Task across multiple steps can be edited by clicking on the (...) in the upper right corner of the Procedural Task. This gives options for deleting the Procedural Task, or reordering it across multiple steps.


The "Reorder task across steps" tool allows you to specify where a Procedural Task occurs in context of the entire process whilst keeping the Procedural Task linked to a certain step. This allows a user to specify that certain Procedural Tasks occur before others regardless of the step they are placed on. This can create exception loops across your Procedural Tasks. More information on the behavior of Procedural Tasks across steps and the potential for creating exception loops.

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