Versioning a Process

Riffyn automatically tracks all changes to a process in individual snapshots called versions. Each version records changes to the process - including steps, connections, resources, and properties etc.

The current state of the process is listed as a "working version" and new versions are recorded as major or minor versions. Minor versions are automatic and increase the version number by 0.01 for each change to:

  • Resources and associated components and properties
  • Process steps
  • Step connections
  • Procedural steps
  • Design Notes

Major versions are created whenever an experiment is executed on the process and increase the version number by 1.0. A change to a new major version can be manually triggered by selecting "Create New Version" from the "Version" drop down in the upper right portion of the screen. 


The "New Version" modal allows you to describe changes specific to the new version.

If a process is duplicated from another process, a section in the version history called "New Branch" will appear that tracks the changes for the new process and separately for the original process from which it was created.


Old versions cannot be edited, but new experiments can be created from older versions. Older versions can also be duplicated as new processes with the same tracking of the brach as described above..

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