Samples of and Make New: Resource Types

Riffyn's "Sample of"/"Make New" feature can be used when the input and output Resource Types of a step are the same. For example, if the step divides a cell culture in an input flask into output cell culture sample vials, it would be appropriate for Riffyn to issue new RifIDs for each sample vial by selecting “Make Samples Of…”. If the step transforms a cell culture in a flask into a new set of cell cultures in a new set of flasks, you might ask Riffyn to issue new RifIDs for each new flask by selecting “Make New…”

This feature allows output Resources in Measure Mode to have a unique RifID even if they are the same Resource as the input. It allows inputs and outputs to have the same name, even if they are separate Resources used in Measure Mode.

Either option for "Make New ..." and "Make Sample of ..." are accessed by right clicking on the output resource dot on a process step.


The "Sample of"/"Make New" feature in Measure Mode allows the specification of the name of "Born Resources" when entering data via file upload.

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