Creating a Property

Properties can be added to the Library from within Design Mode, or from the Process Library.

To add a Property via Design Mode, select a step and click the add Property button next to a Resource Type/Component name in the bottom panel. A Property can also be added by clicking on the "Create new property" button after typing in the search bar.



Properties require additional information to be entered as noted in the "Create/Edit Property" modal. Screen_Shot_2017-07-05_at_11.14.42_AM.png

  • "Data Type" - the type of data the property will store. Only data matching this type can be entered.
  • "Fixed" - indicates that the Property value will be the same across all experiments. Read more about Fixed Properties.
  • The unit section allows the property value's units to be specified. Units are specified by combining SI base units, but are not automatically converted when performing calculations upon file export.

Property attributes can be edited after creation.

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