Editing Resource Types

Resource Types associated with a step are listed in the bottom panel under the "Input Overview" and "Output Overview" sections. Each Resource Type has available options as denoted by the icons to the right of the " | ":


  1. Screen_Shot_2017-07-03_at_2.34.52_PM.png "Add Property" adds a property to the Resource Type via the Property search bar. More About Properties.
  2. Screen_Shot_2017-07-03_at_2.35.16_PM.png "Add Component" allows you to add a Component to via the "Add Component" modal. More About Components.
  3. Screen_Shot_2017-07-03_at_1.29.12_PM.png "Change Resource Type" allows you to change the Resource Type to a different resource via the "Change Resource Type" modal.
  4. Screen_Shot_2017-07-03_at_1.29.22_PM.png "Copy to Output/Input" will copy the Resource Types to the output/input of the step. This will not copy components or properties associated with the Resource Types.
  5. Screen_Shot_2017-07-03_at_1.29.33_PM.png "Add Step Before/After" add a connected step before the currently selected step with the selected Resource Type as an Output/Input.
  6. Screen_Shot_2017-07-03_at_1.29.44_PM.png "Remove Export" is only available when the selected Resource Type is exported to an enclosing group or process. See below for details on exporting to enclosing groups.
  7. Screen_Shot_2017-07-03_at_1.29.52_PM.png"Remove Resource Type" will remove the Resource Type along with it's associated components and properties from the selected input/output. Removing Resource Types can break connections between steps, groups, and linked processes so proceed with caution.

You can additionally edit Resource Types by right clicking on the resource output dot on a step:


This displays additional options not available via the "Input/Output Overview" section. These options are:

  1. "Make Sample of Buffer" - used in Measure Mode when samples of a Resource Type is required. More info about the sample of feature can be found in the Measure Mode section.
  2. "Export to Enclosing Group" - export the selected Resource Type to to the enclosing group (if using a group) or linked process (if using a linked process). More information about groups, more information about linked processes.

A new Resource Type can be added to your Library from Design Mode, or through your Process Library.

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