Adding Properties

Properties can be added to a step's Resource Types or Components in design mode. Properties are placeholders for values stored in measure mode. To add a property to a Resource Type, click the add Property icon next to Resource Type or a Component:


In the "Riffyn: Fermentation" public process, "Cell Culture" is a Resource Type with a Component of "Dissolved Oxygen" - both of which have Properties. The "Time (duration)" is a Property that can be assigned values during measure mode.

It is also possible to specify target values, lower spec limits (LSL) and upper spec limits (USL) for property values. Properties can store a variety of data types (text, numbers, dates, etc), each with a unit indicator. For example, the "pH" property of the "Cell Culture" Resource Type has a target of "5", with units of "pH", with a LSL of "4.8", and an USL of "7.2".

Properties can also be added from one resource Resource Type instance to another by propagation within or between steps.

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