v1.b292 (Version 1, Build 292) - Released June 2, 2017

Riffyn has just been upgraded in two big ways!

1) You can now download the files you have uploaded to Riffyn. For example, you can now download the very same files that your team has uploaded to Parsely for run creation, resource assignment and/or data entry. The kinds of file types that can be uploaded to Procedure Tasks, Observations and Design Notes have also been expanded to include PDFs, Excel templates, PowerPoint presentations, JMP scripts and more. Please let us know if there are additional file formats we should add to this list.

2) Experiments can now be shared independently of one another and of the access controls on the corresponding Process. If you want to continue sharing each new Experiment with everyone who has access to its Process, you can continue to do so without any extra clicks. On the other hand, if your organization desires more flexible controls regarding who has access to which Experiments for a particular Process, this feature is for you. If you want you can now invite a collaborator to view just one of your Experiments, or you can invite your team to see your latest Experiment only after you are ready to share it with them. You can read more about this feature here.

The new release contains these additional features and bug fixes.


New Features 


  • Output resources can now be viewed in the top panel when you click on their names in the bottom panel; output resource names can also be edited in this top panel
  • Resource search mode (indicated by magnifying glass icon) will now return resources of matching name even if they are not the matching resource type
  • Parsely UI has been updated to facilitate specifying Run Rules and Resource Rules


  • New experiments are now part of the API tasklist.


Issues Fixed


  • After adding a run, generated resources would not show on the bottom panel until it was refreshed. This has been fixed.
  • Performance issues that arose when handling thousands of runs have been addressed:
    • Loading guard screen should no longer hang after propagating thousands of runs
    • You can now delete thousands of runs much faster
    • You can now more quickly adjust which steps or groups are viewed in the split-panel viewer
  • When opening the multi-value data editor for large data tables the system did not display the loading screen. Now regardless of data table size the screen will display the loading indicator while it loads the data.
  • In the Plan tab there was no loading indicator while loading runs. Now a loading indicator is used while the run list loads.
  • Fill Down will now save pending edit to focused cell.
  • First click on any cell in bottom panel now highlights entire string.
  • In Parsely, when trying to add a new Output Resource the application would instead add a new Input Resource. This has been fixed.


Known Issues

We intend to resolve the following issues with our next release in ~4 weeks:

  • Although fixed properties are intended to be single-valued, users are in some cases allowed to write more than one value to a particular run. When this happens the value displayed in the bottom panel is not always the same as the value exported in the CSV.
  • If a sufficiently large amount of data has been written to an individual run, Riffyn will ask users to Clean Data before export. The current issue is the confusion that results when sometimes -- but not all the time -- a trivial Data Cleaning Procedure (which doesn’t actually clean the data at all) proves sufficient to export the data.



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