v1.b272 (Version 1, Build 272) - Released May 5, 2017

Riffyn has just been upgraded in three very big ways!

1) You can now create, delete and edit runs within the “Record Data” interface. You can even create connected runs within the “Record Data” interface, or simply view the data for two steps at one time, side by side. Also, this split-screen interface can now be entered (or its step selection changed) by clicking on the anchor icons that have been added to the resource type headers in the bottom panel:

2) You can now sort the runs in the bottom panel by the values of any column, even Run Type or Resource Name. If you wish to sort on both a primary column and a secondary column, first sort the runs by the values of the secondary column and then again by the values of the primary column.


3) You can now view tasks on multiple steps simultaneously and even create detailed workflows that deviate from the higher level material flows and step order emphasized by the Design Canvas. Please click on any of these hyperlinks to learn more about these new features:

Additional New Features


  • User profile information is now available by clicking on the user icon in the top right corner of the application and selecting “Profile”



  • We have improved the data entry for Fixed properties in the Resource Details modal, allowing for faster actions when adding several properties.


  • Columns are now exported in Step Order. If you are using JMP for data analysis, be sure to take advantage of our RiffynTools AddIn. If you are using Excel to explore your data table, check out our Process Data Navigator.
  • Calculated inputs are now calculated for export. In upcoming releases we will allow viewing calculated inputs in the “Clean Data” panel and stop automatically summarizing input properties to a single mean value.
  • Timeout when preparing data for export has been increased from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. If your experiment is somehow so big and so in need of refreshing that you hit the 60 minute timeout, click on the red refresh button to clear the error state and then click again on the gray refresh icon to try again -- Riffyn will pick up pretty much where it left off and hopefully get your data to you before it times out a second time. Please write us at support@riffyn.com if ever you think something has gone wrong.


Issues Fixed


  • Under certain circumstances the screen resolution warning would pop up despite checking the Don’t show this warning again option. This is now fixed.
  • In certain cases with a bad internet connection the app would retry operations until successful. To prevent undesired side effects the application will now send an error message if long running operations are unable to finish due to connectivity issues.


  • Whatever step you have selected is now retained when changing process version using the sidebar.


  • Performance has been substantially improved when assigning resources via the top panel, when propagating resources in the bottom panel and when using the Fill Down button or keyboard shortcut (ctrl-d on PC; cmd-d on Mac) in the bottom panel. These enhancements are especially noticeable when operations are performed on >2000 runs at one time.
  • The bottom panel will now refresh automatically after uploading data from a file or database, even when there are thousands of runs.
  • Keyboard navigation in Plan mode is now working the same as in other tables.
  • Calculated Properties no longer appear in the “Property Mapping” section of Parsely.
  • Users attempting to add properties to their experiments can now create new properties.
  • Null dates are no longer displayed as “invalid date”.
  • Users can once again use the resource finder in the top panel to assign resources of non-matching resource types.
  • Measure mode was preventing data entry for properties that were once, but are no longer, calculated properties. This has been fixed.
  • Each time you create a new configuration in Parsely, the default configuration name is now being updated correctly.
  • In Parsely you can now update the dimensions of a data block without losing edits you have previously made to its field data types.


  • When duplicating an experiment on the library the screen will show a guard screen while the experiment is cloned.
  • On environments configuration, when requesting a metadata update the loading screen is now dismissed automatically when the update is done.


Known Issues

We aim to resolve the following issues with our next release in ~4 weeks:

  • Multi-valued input data should not always be averaged on export
  • Calculated inputs are not yet available in our UI as Clean Data
  • Under some circumstances collaborators are unable to assign resources using a Parsely configuration that someone else had made
  • Although fixed properties are intended to be single-valued, users are in some cases allowed to write more than one value to a particular run. When this happens the value displayed in the bottom panel is not always the same as the value exported in the CSV.
  • Process Designs that exhibit a split-merge topology sometimes export extra rows containing non-existent run connections
  • If a sufficiently large amount of data has been written to an individual run, Riffyn will ask users to Clean Data before export. The current issue is the confusion that results when sometimes -- but not all the time -- a trivial Data Cleaning Procedure (which doesn’t actually clean the data at all) proves sufficient to export the data.


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