v1.b202 (Version 1, Build 202) - Released March 2, 2017

New Features


  • Permanent step IDs are now hidden from the upper left-hand corner of each step by default.When needed these permanent step IDs can still be accessed by (a) right-clicking on a step and selecting “Show Step ID”, or (b) viewing the step order in the bottom panel. Other parts of our UI where you can still find references to these permanent step IDs will soon be updated accordingly.


  • Procedure tasks can now be edited while Experiments are executed. Admins, Designers and Operators can unlock the task editor by clicking on the new settings button found at the right side of the sidebar:


  • Admins and Designers can even push edited task lists to the working version of their processes:


  • Parse configurations stored on steps of linked processes will still be available after updating to latest version.
  • Opening the original process from a linked process will now take you to the working/editable version of your process.
  • Riffyn's Edit Multiple feature has been replaced with a Fill Down button for Recording Inputs. “Fill Down” can also be performed using ctrl-d (PC) or cmd-d (Mac). Please note that Plan mode will continue to use the Edit Multiple feature for a little while. That feature can still be accessed using the pencil button that appears along the bottom of your browser when any runs have been selected in Plan mode.
  • Record Inputs, like Record Outputs, now supports a multi-valued data editor in the top panel.You can access this interface in either of two ways:

    1) right click on any cell in the bottom panel and select "edit data", or


         2) click on the yellow indicator that appears on any multi-valued cell in your experiment


  • Enter, tab and arrow keys have been mapped to more familiar behaviors in Record Inputs

... going forward, think of Execute's bottom panel as your single-valued data editor and its top panel as your multi-valued data editor. We have posted more detail about single- and multi-value editing here. Please note that we are planning soon to unify “Record Inputs” and “Record Outputs” into a single “Execute” panel with the same single- and multi-value editing interfaces of the updated “Record Inputs” panel. Let us know what you think!


  • You can now customize the message that is sent to your collaborators when sharing.
  • "Share" and other actions can now be applied to multiple entities in the library all at once.Use a shift-click to select contiguous entities and ctrl-click (PC) or cmd-click (Mac) to select separated entities. "Delete" is unavailable for multiple Process and Experiment entities. "Remove from my library" is unavailable for multiple Experiments. Organization admins can also Enable or Disable multiple users at the same time.


Issues Fixed


  • Share process from design mode and experiments is working again.
  • Units can no longer be created with empty values.
  • Using the Add unit for a property will autofocus on Add unit field instead of the Name field. This prevents accidental unit rename
  • If a user with view-only permissions opens a process they will no longer see the edit buttons.
  • From a duplicate process it is now possible to open a past version of the process.
  • Pictures and videos can once again be removed from procedure tasks.


  • Operators will no longer see the Push to Working Version button in its active state. Their permissions have been updated as well to allow most actions..
  • Exported data file default name will once again have a valid extension.
  • Data entered when the bottom panel is in the split-screen “flow” mode will now be saved.


  • Sharing a Resource entity on the library with a collaborator was sometimes not refreshing properly when sharing and removing collaborators.


Known Issues

  • Multi-valued input data is automatically averaged to a single-value on export.
  • Calculated inputs are not yet available in our UI or in exported data tables.
  • Context menus are not available in Design mode for steps belonging to linked processes.
  • There is no way to show permanent step IDs in Measure mode if a process has been constructed completely from linked processes.


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