v1.b144 (Version 1, Build 144) - Released December 9, 2016


Design & Measure:

  • Pictures and video up to 100MB can now be added to procedures, notes and observations in both Design and Measure mode
  • Formulas that are "broken" due to deleted precedent properties are now highlighted in red and ignored in calculations.


  • Edit resources and properties on active experiment.  If you started and experiment, and forgot to add a property or resource during the Design phase - that's no problem anymore.  No you can simply add it on-the-fly and start collecting data without having to return to a process design.  You can also promote those on-the-fly changes to the working copy of the process Design so they are there for every future experiment.
  • Security upgrades on the data agent. Agent key is now shown only once on agent creation.
  • Data export is now 5X faster. 


  • Experiments list can now be filtered by experiment ID


  • An API is now available at https://api.app.riffyn.com.  Documentation and SDK available there.


Bug Fixes


  • Text entered into Procedure tasks is now autosaved when clicking away from the task.
  • Image upload to tasks now places those images on the correct step.


  • Fixed inconsistencies in style and key input handling to improve the user experience.
  • Fixed glitches that prevented experiments from deleting on the first try.


  • Fixed date/time offset issues.  Now what you what you enter is what you get.
  • "Guard" screens (which show will Riffyn is "thinking") are now properly removed in certain cases where that wasn't happening before.
  • Scrolling in the Measure mode data table no longer clears the data from view.


  • Teams shared with you will now be available to choose from on the share modal.


Known Issues (to be fixed in next release)

  • Agent status indicator does not changes from green to gray when agent goes offline
  • Run join incorrect for process with split output resources
  • The user cannot propagate a Component to the upstream in a flow of steps with resources type of the same type.

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