v1.b138 (Version 1, Build 138) - Released November 14, 2016



  • Restructured run data tables store 70% less data. This will allow a tripling in the number of data points that can be viewed/exported as Raw Data on a single run before requiring the application of a Cleaning procedure. (Eventually, the view/export data limit will be removed entirely.)
  • Fixed dangling tooltips
  • Null values are shown as blanks, zeros shown as zeros.
  • Run counter on the "Record Inputs" tab is fixed.

Bug Fixes


  • Group descriptions now use the full height of the sidebar.
  • Some issues with grouping steps have been fixed.
  • Repaired context menus that failed to appear on inputs/outputs.
  • It is now possible to create new resources when changing components.
  • When duplicating a process, the currently-viewed version will be duplicated instead of the working version.
  • Units and properties creation is repaired.
  • Adding more than three variables to a property formula auto-scrolls the variable list


  • Full URL path to library pages is now shown in the browser, allowing bookmarking
  • Browser back button now works in the Library
  • Many small UI/UX fixes to the modals for editing entities
  • Made deletion of processes and experiments a little bit more user-friendly
  • Various fixes to public processes


  • The components name is now shown on the header row of the run data editor on Record Outputs
  • Guard screens on bottom panel are now working (they are closed when they should be)
  • Standardized date input / display format (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) throughout

Known issue:

  • In Measure->Plan, entered dates are offset by (Current Timezone - GMT) hours.  This will be fixed in the next release.

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