Creating a Step

Adding an unconnected step:

  1. Clicking the "+" button at the upper left of the design canvas.

  2. Right clicking on the design canvas (not on a step) and selecting "Add Step". Other options in this menu: more info on groups, more info on linked processes.

Steps added in this manner are not connected to other steps.

Adding a connected step:

  1. Clicking on an input/output Resource Type on a step and selecting "Add Step Before/After".

  2. Selecting a step, moving to the bottom panel, moving to a specific Resource Type, and selecting "Add Step Before/After" button to the right of the Resource Type name.Screen_Shot_2017-06-15_at_9.53.52_AM.png

  3. Selecting a connection between two steps, right clicking and selecting "Insert Step". NOTE: Steps connected in this way will have an input/output Resource Type that match the Resource Type used to initiate the step connection. Steps can be connected in both directions allowing you connect upstream to downstream OR to connect downstream to upstream. In the case of steps added in between existing steps, Resource Types are connected in both directions.

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