v1.b157 (Version 1, Build 157) - Released December 23, 2016

New features:

Design & Measure:

Data upload indicators

  • Steps will now report how many times data has been written to them via files or database queries
  • These indicators can also be used to tag steps where the process designer anticipates uploading data via files or database queries. These indicators are available from each step’s context menu as:
    • Require Data Upload from a File
    • Require Data Upload from a DB Query
  • Clicking on these indicators in Measure mode will open the file upload modal or database query modal, as appropriate
  • Various improvements to media uploading and display


  • Units can now be created and edited through the library


Issues fixed:


  • Issues with resizing the lower pane in Plan Experiment are fixed. Now all runs should show up when the resizing happens.
  • Users with the role Viewer ca no longer see the panel where Operators can add resource types, components and properties to their experiments.
  • Viewers can once again see the Record Inputs tab
  • Fixed Properties are now working properly on Record Inputs.
  • Guards were not disappearing throughout  the app under certain conditions. This is now fixed except for Known Issue noted below.
  • Scientific notation with 4 decimal places is now employed for any numbers entered >999999 or <0.001. Note that some values will be zero padded (e.g 0.000123 as 1.2300e-4) until a future update that addresses numeric precision.


  • Calculated properties will now work as expected when a process is shared with someone outside its designer’s org
  • Custom properties and units will display as expected when a process is shared with someone outside its designer’s org
  • Remove Export option on the context menu is working again.
  • Remove Resource option on the context menu is working again.
  • Add quick step is working again (Alt+click)
  • Component propagation from input to output is now working as expected. If a component is propagated and both input and output matching resources exist the app will do the propagation.

Measure and Design:

  • There were several inconsistencies with dates on the version and experiment dropdowns. These are now fixed.
  • Minor UI fixes on the Delete Process dialog. In some particular cases the text would not be aligned properly.


  • Users outside of your org can be added to a team if you already know their e-mail addresses
  • Team members can now be added or removed from a team by a Designer
  • Team roles can now be changed after the team is shared.


Known issues:

  • Record outputs tab guard screen sometimes hangs after database query. 
  • Run join is incorrect for process with split output resources
  • Responsiveness of the UI can sometimes become sluggish on large process after using for a period of time.  Page refresh will clear the issue.

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