v1.b189 (Version 1, Build 189) - Released February 1, 2017

New Features:

  • It is now possible to re-number the steps in the order that your team executes them. The customizable step order tags appear within circles on the top left corner of each step. The permanent step IDs that have been written to the top left corner of each step can now be hidden by right-clicking on any step that is not part of a linked process. (Soon they will also be hidden by default.) The same context menus can also be used to access a new “Step Order” interface. In Design mode, the drag handles in the Step Order interface can be used to re-number the steps however you like. This interface can also be used to navigate directly to any of the steps of your process, no matter how extensively you have grouped them. Please note that experiments created prior to this release, as well as duplicates of these experiments, should have either missing or empty step order tags at various locations within Measure mode.
  • Repeated data export has been accelerated by focusing re-calculation on only the steps that have been modified since the last data export event. If data export times-out at 15 minutes, you might try submitting a second request as everything that was calculated during that first request will not need to be recalculated.


Issues Fixed:


  • Selecting a character property using the Enter key will now move cursor to its Target field.
  • Formula of calculated property can now be viewed on old versions of a process.
  • Procedure tasks are now autosaved when user clicks away from the task being edited.
  • When selecting different versions of a process the bottom panel will update accordingly.
  • Change component functionality is now working as intended


  • Data upload indicators added to steps of linked process can now be pushed to the parent version of the linked process itself.
  • Restored file configuration wizard step names.
  • Can now select run path even when connected runs have been selected.
  • Corrected error message that appears when user attempts to edit calculated property in Record Inputs
  • Complete Run Plan for any step -- both run labels and planned property values -- can now be exported by clicking “export runs” button, then “Download Run Data”


  • Data export algorithm has been updated to address edge cases associated with unassigned resources and passed-through resources. Users need no longer use the “Make Samples Of” feature in many cases where we have recommended it to them previously. There are still known issues associated with process designs exhibiting split/merge topology.


  • Team members can now open processes shared with a team they belong to.
  • Processes duplicated from a public process now show the full version history
  • Duplicating a process no longer takes you to the first page of the process list.
  • When a new team is created it will automatically show on the list of teams. No other action needs to be taken.
  • Edit resource modal has been shortened to fit most screens.
  • Edit property modal now allows changing the property type.


Known issues:

  • Experiments that were created prior to this release and duplicates of these experiments will have empty or missing step order tags at various locations in Measure mode.
  • The Step Order interface cannot be opened by right clicking on the steps of a linked process. If you want to re-number the steps of a linked process you must start by right-clicking on any non-linked step of the process.
  • Permanent step IDs cannot be shown (or hidden) by right-clicking on the steps of a linked process. If you want to view the permanent step IDs of a linked process you must start by right-clicking on any non-linked step of the process.
  • Exported data tables can be improved for process designs the exhibit a split-merge topology (e.g., when a single “media preparation” step is used to prepare individual batches of media for each of 2 downstream steps)


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