v1.b130 (Version 1, Build 130) - Released October 26, 2016

Measure > Plan & Execute:

  • “High-level” view has been removed from application; in a future release we will introduce new interfaces for summarizing plans and specifying default values for created runs.
  • “Constant” and “Variable” designations that had previously restricted data entry have been removed from application; in order to assign a single value to all runs, use the existing “Edit Multiple” feature: first select runs using check boxes, then click on pencil icon in ACTIONS bar at bottom

  • “2A. Execute: Record Inputs & Deviations” has been renamed as “2. Execute: Record Inputs”
  • “2B. Execute: Collect Data” has been renamed as “2. Execute: Record Outputs”

Sidebar > Variables:

  • “Constant” and “Variable” designations that had previously restricted data entry have been removed from application

Measure > Record Inputs:

  • Clicking on the source button in the Resource header will now navigate to that upstream step, even if the steps are located in different groups.


  • Resources can now be created from the Library
  • Experiments are now be viewable on public processes

Bug Fixes

Design > Resource/Property Editing

  • Fixed alignment, truncation and spacing issues
  • Empty procedure tasks can no longer be added. Empty tasks are both imageless and textless tasks.
  • A formula with errors will no longer be saved.
  • Circular references in formulas are now considered errors.
  • Units can now be added to newly created properties.
  • Under certain circumstances the calculated properties modal did not close. This is now fixed.

Measure mode > Resource assignment

  • Newly created resources now appear in the search list immediately
  • Deleted resources will not show up on the global search

Measure Mode > Plan & Execute

  • Edit buttons are now to the left and right of the edit-multiple strip.
  • The Raw Data tab (Now called "Record Outputs") remains accessible, even when the data table is too large to view. This allows uploading additional data.
  • Fixed issues with the display of source buttons on some input resources
  • Fixed date-time formatting issues & incorrect offsets on Record Outputs and Clean Data tabs
  • Various fixes to the display of guard screens in the bottom panel


  • Fixed close and cancel buttons on modals.
  • Resources: Resource search button now correctly triggers a new search.
  • Resources: Moved “New Search” option to the right.
  • Teams: Fixed overlapping text between name and email of team members in team modal


  • Clean up of some default entities in ontologies

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