Linked Processes and Master Processes

Linked processes appear as groups in a process flow diagram that are linked to other processes in the process library. Linked processes are typically used to show the material flow across multiple processes whilst allowing flexibility to execute experiments on individual sections of your processes. This representation of how many processes are linked is called a master process. An example master process can be explored here:


To add a linked process in design mode, right click on the design canvas and select "Link Existing Process". Linking a process allows selection of a process in the library to link to the current process. Linked processes on the design canvas behave similarly to groups (more on groups), and have additional options accessed by right clicking on the linked process on the design canvas:


The options that differ from group linking functionality are:

  1. "Open Original Process" - opens the linked process in a new window
  2. "Upgrade to Latest" - upgrade the linked process to the most recent version of the original process. By default, linked processes do not automatically update when the linked process is updated. When the linked process does not match the current version a red triangle will appear on the upper portion of the step.
  3. "Unlink This Process" - unlink the process and convert it into a group. 

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