Creating a Group

A group is a set of set. A group can consist of steps or child groups.

There are three ways to create a new group:

  1. Right click on the design canvas and select "Add group". This will create a new blank group.
  2. Select multiple steps using click-and-drag, right click, and selecting "Add Group". This will enclose all the selected steps in a new group.
  3. Select a single step, right click, and select "Enclose in a New Group".

Groups made in this way will have an input/output Resource Type(s) that match the Resource Types upstream/downstream of the group. Groups can be connected in both directions allowing you connect upstream to downstream OR to connect downstream to upstream. In the case of groups made between existing steps, Resource Types are connected in both directions. More about connecting groups.

Groups can be nested inside a process allowing for many levels and combinations of groups and steps. Deep nesting or groups are not needed for a successful process in design mode.

Groups can be opened by clicking on the group icon at the upper right corner of the group in the design canvas. Entering a group will show the process name and the group name at the upper left corner of the design canvas. Groups can then be exited by clicking on the process name (or enclosing group name if using nested groups).

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