Editing a Step

Steps names can be edited by double clicking on the step name in the design canvas. 

Multiple options exist for editing a step can be accessed by right clicking on the step name in the design canvas:


  1. "Add Input" and "Add Output" - add an input/output unassigned Resource Type to the step. More about Resource Types.
  2. "Require Data..." - require the user in Measure Mode to upload data from one of those sources. More info on file uploadsmore info on DB queries
  3. "Enclose in New Group" - enclose the step in a new group. More about groups.
  4. "Duplicate Step" - duplicate all Resource Types, components, and properties on a step; and place this new step on the design canvas with no connections to other steps.
  5. "Delete Step" - remove the step from the design canvas and break all connections with upstream/downstream steps. Removing steps can create large changes to your design canvas so proceed with caution!

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