Creating a Simple Process

To make a new process follow these steps:

  1. Start a new process
    Make a new process by selecting "Create Process" in the upper left corner of the process library. Creating a new process will open a new tab in the browser, browser pop-ups from must be enabled.

  2. Rename and add steps
    When making a new process, Riffyn's design canvas automatically creates one step called"First Step". This step can be added to or renamed, but not deleted as a process must contain at least one step.

    To rename a step, double click on the step's name and enter the new name. Changes are automatically saved.

    There are three ways to add a new step, group or linked process:
    1. Click on the add button at the upper corner of the window. This will add a new blank step to the design canvas.
    2. Right clicking on the design canvas and selecting "add step", "add group", or "link existing process". More about steps, more about groups, and more about linked processes.
    3. Right click on the input or output icon on the sides of the process step and selecting "add step before/after".

  3. Specify Resource Types, components, and properties
    1. Resource Types are added to a selected step by clicking the "Add" button in the input or output.
    2. Components can be added to a selected step when a Resource Type is selected. 
    3. Properties can be added to a Resource Type or a components by clicking the "Add property" button to the right of the Resource Type/component name.

      Each Resource Type will appear as an input/output dot on the left/right side of a process step.

  4. Connect steps
    Steps can be connected by dragging the input/output dots on a step to another step. If the input and output Resource Types do not match, the succeeding step import the upstream Resource Types. This ensures that the process flow diagram models the material flow of the process.



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