Sharing Processes and Experiments

Different organizations have different preferences for controlling who is able view or edit which data. Some organizations might subscribe to a philosophy of "radical transparency" and invite everyone to join the same Governance Team. Other organizations may be contractually obligated to prevent two teams from sharing Experiments even when they are operating the same Process.

The access levels associated with Riffyn’s Admin, Designer, Operator and Viewer roles are specified in detail here. The Governance team can see all every Process and Experiment in Riffyn by default unless otherwise noted.

Sharing Processes

Process you create list you as the process owner/admin by default. Other users can be granted access to a Process by sharing with them as either Viewer, Operator, Designer or Admin. Other users can be added via the “Add/View Collaborators” modal. This modal can be opened any of three different ways:

  1. Select Share from the Design menu when viewing a Process:
  2. When in Design Mode, click on a role at the top right corner of the browser (i.e., click on the word “Admin” in this example):
  3. After selecting one or more Processes in the Process Library, either click the ellipse on the right of the process or right-click on any of the selected processes. Then select Share from the corresponding menu icon:

 In the Add/View Collaborators modal, the box next to “Share ALL experiments I have access to on this process.” is selected by default.


  • Share All: If a user does not have access to some experiments they will not be able to give anyone else access to those experiments. A user can never grant another user a higher level of access to an experiment that they have themselves.
    • Please note that the "Share ALL..." selection applies only to experiments that already exist at the moment when the Process is shared. Future Experiments are not shared with a user unless that user is explicitly shared on the process.
  • Public: Admins have the option to list their Processes as Public. More details on public processes can be found here.
  • Shareable: By default Processes are not Shareable and only Admins are permitted to share them and duplicate them. Once a Process has been tagged as Shareable, a user shared on the process can grant privileges to another user equal to or less than their own role (Admin > Designer > Operator > Viewer).
    • A Viewer who duplicates a Shareable process becomes an Admin on the copy they has made for himself. The act of duplication means that you are the new admin of the duplicate.

Sharing Experiments

By default, new experiments are shared with all other users of the process per the checkbox when creating a new experiment.


To share a specific experiment who does not have access to the process, share the specific experiment when opened in Measure Mode. Sharing a specific experiment with the new collaborator as Admin, Designer or Operator will grant that user operator access to the process in Design Mode.

Sharing of an experiment can be achieved via the three same menu options presented for sharing a process.

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