Governance Teams

Unlike other teams, Governance Teams are automatically shared on every entity in an organization, even other teams. You can tell if a team is a Governance Team if it appears with a shield icon instead of a crowd icon: 
Only Org Admins can create Governance Teams. In order to set up a governance team, an Org Admin must first create a regular team in her Team Library. She can then designate that team as a Governance Team by selecting "Set up Governance Team" from the menu associated with that team:
The Org Admin can give a Governance Team either Admin or Viewer access to every entity in her organization:
After an Org Admin clicks the "Apply" button, Riffyn proceeds to share every single entity within her org with the new Governance Team. For larger orgs it may take hours to complete this initial set-up process. Similarly, if an Org Admin selects "Revoke Governance Team" from a team's menu, removing the team from every entity within the org may also take hours. If you would like to revoke the Governance Team designation from more than one team, we suggest you allow a few hours for the first revocation to complete before initiating the second.
Although Riffyn's UI gives an Org Admin the ability to create multiple governance teams, she might not need more than 2: one with Admin privileges for every entity in her org, and one with Viewer privileges for every entity in her org. Each team with Admin (or Viewer) privileges is fundamentally equivalent to the others.

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