Task Order (Workflow)

Not only are procedural workflows (tasks) typically more detailed than material flows (steps), they don't always align with one another.

For example, even if it is intended to use the spectrophotometer after sample preparation, there may be a proceeding procedural task required for switching the spectrophotometer on. Although a step (typically used for material flow) could be added to the process to indicate a particular procedural task, Riffyn provides another mechanism for communicating the detailed end-to-end procedural flow which does not require additional steps to be created.

The Design Mode Info Sidebar lists all the procedural tasks from selected steps or the process. If the currently viewed group is the process itself then these tasks can be reordered across the entire process: 


The task will remain connected to the step in which it was created, but it will now be indexed by its new position across all processes:


If a step contains any tasks that have introduced from other steps, Riffyn will indicate the discontinuity via the indices and the presence of blue lines between tasks. Riffyn will also provide additional arrow buttons to help navigate easily the end-to-end task list:


Additional options can be access by clicking the "..." menu to the right of the task:

  1. Delete Task - remove a task from the step/process.
  2. Make First Task - moves the task to the first position in the process task list.
  3. Make Last Task - moves the task to the last position in the process task list.
  4. Task Order Exception Loop - When a task is re-ordered into another step it introduces a loop/cycle in the task list, causing other surrounding tasks to also be reorderd. It is possible to modify this task loop in 2 ways:
    1. Remove Exception Loop - The task loop is be removed by repositioning the tasks which create the loop back to their original position in the process task list. This does not delete tasks in the loop, it resets their position.
    2. Remove task from exception loop - A single task in an exception loop can be removed from the loop and replaced in it's default position in the process task list.

New task exception loops can be introduced or existing loops extended an existing exception loop by selecting "Reorder task across steps" from a task's menu. Making this selection will display an interface for modifying the end-to-end task order:

If Designers or Operators would like to update the tasks for experiments they have already created, they can edit the task lists on their steps by clicking the Adjust Settings icon in the Info Sidebar:


Designers can additionally push the updated task lists to the working versions of their processes by clicking the Push button at the top of each step's Procedure:

Although the end-to-end task order can be viewed in Measure Mode, it cannot be edited there.


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