Understanding Material Flow vs. Workflow in Riffyn SDE

Process Steps (Material Flow)

In Riffyn, the steps and connections of the the Process Flow Diagram represent the transformation and flow of materials, reagents, equipment and samples. For example, your process might look like this: 

As a rule of thumb, you want a step in each place in your process where you generate new samples or batches, split or merge materials, or need to track long-lived intermediates. 


Procedural Tasks (Workflow)

Procedural tasks provide a more detailed definition of the required experimenters workflow within a step:


Procedure tasks can be re-ordered within the task list displayed for each step.


It is also possible to represent each of these procedural tasks as individual steps as below. However this would cause an unnecessary increase in steps and design complexity, so we don't recommend this approach. In addition, it does not stick to the rule of thumb at the top of this article.

It is generally more effective to use fewer steps, but not so few that it creates difficulty correctly representing your process. See this best practice article, for more discussion on these points.

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