Create a DoE on a Riffyn Experiment

The Riffyn Tools AddIn for JMP includes a function for creating a DoE across multiple steps in your Riffyn experiment. The function allows you to specify a target experiment in Riffyn, and then select properties from that experiment as factors in the DoE. You can then use the JMP DoE tool to optimize your design. Then you can use the Riffyn Tools AddIn to write the design directly to the planned values on your Riffyn experiment.

First be sure you have downloaded the latest AddIn (version 4.03 or higher).

Download the AddIn

A video example is provided below, followed by step-by-step instructions.


Video example of DoE creation with Riffyn Tools


Creating your first DoE with Riffyn Tools (step-by-step instructions)

1. Open a process and create a new experiment on that process.



2. Copy the experiment ID from your new experiment from the URL line.



3. Open the Create DoE function in the Riffyn JMP AddIn.



4. Enter your login credentials and paste the experiment ID into the modal.



5. Select which properties from your experiment you want to vary in your DoE.


Click the Set Property button to select them as factors. They will appear on the right side.



6. Click OK. You will be presented with the JMP DoE modal for Custom Designs. Your selected properties and their specification limits and valid options will already be loaded in the modal with a 2-level design (numerical values) or multi-level design (valid option values). 

You can edit the level values or any other aspects of the design.  If you want to change the factor type, copy the property name, delete the existing factor, then add a new factor with the copied property name and your desired factor settings.



7. Click the Continue button at the bottom.  Now you can define your DoE model, or keep the default main effects design.



8. Click Make Design at the bottom to generate your DoE design. You can iterate back and forth on your design using the JMP DoE tool until you are satisfied.



9. Click Make Table to generate a data table with your design.  You can save this data table, which includes your DoE settings, and attach it to your experiment in Riffyn.  You will also use this to write the DoE to the Experiment plan directly from JMP.



10. Make sure you DoE data table is selected. Then choose the Write DoE option from the Riffyn AddIn menu.



11. This will present you with an authentication screen.  Click OK.  The function will then write the DoE directly to your new Riffyn experiment, creating the runs as necessary on the relevant steps.  When it's complete, you will see a success modal.  


Note that you will still need to manually connect the runs across steps.  To do that, go to you experiment in Riffyn and select the runs that were created on two steps. Then use flow mode to connect the runs 1:1. They will be ordered properly in the experiment such that the correct runs are connected. You may need to repeat this process sequentially if you chose DoE factors from more than two steps. 


12. When all is complete, your experiment will look similar to the screen below, with the new runs created, and the DoE values saved to the run Plan.


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